Thursday, June 19, 2008

~ holiday mood ~

with my musyuk aka 'pakcik krismas' :)...i luv u...muahsss
i don't know what to write in this entry...rasa sgt2 malas....maybe i'm already in holiday mood...hehehe...1 day more to go, arrrrrrggggghhh lambatnya...:))

yesterday, kakak sms-ed me...she x jadi datang to our home tommorrow coz penat...actually, she just came back from penang (going to visit her relatives)...pity her...but i miss her & can't wait to see her....insyaallah, we'll meet up on 29th...a day before she leaving to NY...tak sempat nak lepak lama2 with her...arghhhh, i miss our old times kakak :(....

miss my kelip actually...seems she so busy with her personal problem...i'm so worry bout her...i'm afraid that she'll sick...sms her yesterday & alhamdulillah she's ok...sabar ya kelip, i know u can handle this....u're my powerpuff girl!! u go girl....and from the bottom of my heart, i want u to know this...i love u & will always with u...never feel alone ya...hopefully, everything will be dear :)

i woke up a bit late this morning...luckily, i'm period...just take a bath & kejut my musyuk...since dah lewat, i just shout 'sayang, bangun! kita dah lewat nie'....and u know, masa bersiap2 tue...hubby ckp kat i, 'sayang nie jerit2 jer kejut org'...oppsss, dia merajuk la & no wonder dia wat muka dari tadi...selalunya, mmg la i kejut manja2....dekat hubby, peluk & cium2 dulu....since dah lambat, x kan la i nak wat cam tue gak...alamaknya merah la our punch card...then, i terus peluk & cium hubby to pujuk him....he's so sensitive & manja la nowadays...

tiba2 rasa nak makan sedap2 jer...these 2 ~ 3 days, i hilang selera due to my, skrg rasa nak makan u know whats on my mind now??? blueberry cheesecake & caramel frappucino by starbuck, bigMac and last but not least, steamboat @ johnnys...nyum nyum...alamak, lapar sudah!!!! utk melunaskan impian murniku ini, 'pakcik krismas' la jawabnya....jum sayang :)

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