Tuesday, June 17, 2008

can't wait...

semalam, mmg rasa sgt2 tidak larat...arrived home, i terus mandi & baring atas katil....try to sleep but i can't coz my perut mmg sgt2 sakit....i bangun & join hubby kat living room which bz with his notebook...rasa lapar but x de selera...so, i just makan roti & minum hot water...sambung tengok tv and at 10.00 pm, i bangun & tell hubby that i want to go to sleep...he followed me....since my perut still sakit, he try to picit2 my badan....sgt best!!!! hilang skitt rasa sakit yg i alami......then, he performed his Isyak...after that, hubby baring next to me & continue reading the star...i still can't sleep...sambil baca paper, he tarik my hand....he elus2 & hold my hand tightly...maybe he wants to share the pain that i felt...yes, its really comfort me & my eyes slowly close....thanks dear :)

having roti telur (i tapau from home) for my breakfast this morning....alhamdulillah, my period pain dah hilang...but i'm still not in the mood....sgt tidak selesa & malas utk bekerja....rasa mahu baring & relax2 jer :(

only 3 days more to go before our trip to bandung....can't wait to have our second honeymoon there :)...evertyhing is ready, tinggal nak kemas baju jer....dgn my situation skrg, rasa sgt malas....biarlah dulu.....i'll start packing on Thursday....lagipun, we've planned not to bawa baju byk2....hope everything will going fine & we enjoy our holiday ya dear...muahssss....

this friday, if there is no anything...kakak will come to our home....arggghhhh can't wait to meet her....miss her so damn much :)....should i cook for her??? that should be ok since dah lama kakak x makan my cooking....hehehe...tengok la nanti...:)

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