Wednesday, January 7, 2015

taken from Nora Danish's instagram today


This cutie little pie of mine, 
I have nothing but love,
proud & joy for you,
you have been my strength and my pillar in life,
mommy could not have done this without you Qal,
all that I am and all that I do is for YOU sayang Mommy, 
I can never put into words,
the feeling I get, the happiness i received, 
the beauty of life & the satisfaction of responsibility 
I carried to bring you into this world 
my Son, the love of my life, Qal 
all I have and all I have ever wanted is in front of me sayang 
that is you my son Rayqal, you are not just a son,
but anugerah from Allah to me, anugerah that I will always cherish 
and I put 1st before my very own life 
Don't thank me,but mommy would like to thank you 
for coming to my life ,my anugerah Putra Rayqal Ramli...
I love you sayang and Happy 6th Bday my boy
️ #norayqal #RayqalTurns6

p/s : that caption...sumpah touching gila!!!
lagi 8 hari birthday anaknda plak

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