Tuesday, May 29, 2012

how we celebrate our 6th anniversary :)

on friday, saja gatal apply leave
just to have our time together
dah lama tak dating berdua
hantar icha macam biasa ke rumah ibu
since malas nak drive
we take ERL & taxi to MV & The Gardens
do our retail therapy
jalan2 and makan2
on saturday, hubby belanja lunch plak
@Stimboat Restaurant, Golden Palm Tree
@Sepang Gold Coast
alhamdulillah, another year passed
and hope many2 years to count
i love so much my two babies


Ann Ilias said...

Jue, mama & anak sama cantik

mummy_ayu said...

happy wedding anniversary dear..happy always!!

Siti Fatimah said...

Happy Anniversary To U Semoga Bahagia Selamanyer Amin...

btw best kan Gold Gost Sepang tuh i oso celebrate our anni kat situe gaks in jan hari tuh love love ;p


Happy anniversary Jue
Bestnya berdeting hehehe


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