Thursday, May 26, 2011

another year, happy 5th anniversary sayang :)

we have walked long together
on this journey of life
we have shared joy and trouble
each day is such a blessing
when I share that day with U
I am more than even thankful
for the day U said 'aku terima nikahnya'

may every hour of everyday
be blessed with a shining gift of joy
a dream to share together
a memory that's forever
a promise that the best is yet to come

can't tell the amount of happiness
U have brought into my life
U are everything to me
U make me happy
U make me cry
I am lucky that
U the part of my life

dear hubby,
our anniversary means a lot
much more than any another day
I celebrate my love for U
and cherish U in every way
through passing time
our love still grows
our life together gets better and better
and I keep on loving U more and more

p/s : hati bunga2...auwwwww :)


Shinnaz Ahmad Rasid said...

happy 5th anivesary Kak Jue and hubs! Semoga dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan happy ever after! utk bam-bam jugak!

nanonano said...

oowhh dh 5 tahun yer..
slamat ulangtahun prkahwinan yg ke 5 utk papa & mama icha,

icha sbijik muke mama dia tao..hehe kut!

gie-ah said...

Hepy 5th anniversary akk....
May Allah bless u n ur fmily....
Wish u happy always ya..
salam peluk cium saya untk icha taw...chupchup..:)

antalya said...

wow dah 5thn kah? mcm newly wed jer.romantik sentiasa. happy anniversary to both of u


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