Thursday, December 4, 2008

Terima Kasih Cinta :)

"cinta memang pernah buat aku menangis..

namun akhirnya cinta jua...

yang mengembalikan senyuman di wajahku...

terima kasih cinta..."


(tag by liyana)

Hi, how are ya?
Sorry, am I know U???
kijam gler aku...hahaha!!!
Hey, you wanna go to mall?
Eh! suka hati aku la...sibuk wat per!!!
I Love You..U love me?
I love my hubby so much :)
Do you want some cookies?
No, thanks
Can you take me a picture?picture?
Sorry, i'm not photog
Help me in my homework?
Ishh...I got so many work to do now..
dan terus lari!!!hahaha!!!
Here's my gift to you..
No, thanks
Let's just textmates?
malas :p
Do you want me to buy you an ipod?
I'm already have it :p
Let's sit together in the bus..
Sorry, I don't want to take a bus..
My hubby's on his way here...
Hi baby..
Please stop dreaming..:p
You still cute..
yes, I am...:p
I still love you..
Sorry, may I bag ur pardon???
Can I visit your house??
Sorry, i'm not receive a stranger...
sgt kijam kan...hahaha!!!
Do you love me?
Do I need to repeat it???
I love my hubby so much :)
u know saya sorang yg setia kn?
kalo u setia,nape main kayu tiga dulu?
he's not a player anyway...

p/s : syg, biarpun dirimu bkn yg pertama...

namun, dirimu segala2nya bagiku...

i love u so much...muahsss...

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