Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag Again!!!

~ More info about me ~
First Name: Ju***ya** Ab*** K****m
Nickname: busyuk, sayang, jue @ julia
Birthday: 3 April 19*1
Birthplace: Banting, Sel
Time of Birth: 7.00 am
(that's y i'm easy to wake up in the morning :p)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
~ This or That ~
Flower or Chocolate :
since i'm on diet now, flower please :p
Pepsi or Coke:
but i love A&W rootbeer :p
Pop or Rock :
pop ya...rock made me feel dizzy!!!
Relationship or One Night Stand:
of course Relationship
School or Work :
Love or money:
love or money, love or money...
both please...hahaha!!!
Movies or Music:
Country or City:
Sunny days or Rainy days:
Rainy days...
coz I can sleep...hahaha!!!
Friends or Family:
Family come first, then friends
Have you ever-Smoked:
Broke someone’s heart:
Yes..I'm so sorry :(
Had your heart broken:
Yes..just once :(
Wish you were a prince/princess :
I'm feeling princess...always!!! hahaha!!!
Liked someone who was taken:
Yeah...oh! Beckham...hahaha!!!
Shaved your head:
No...ishhh I don't want!!!
Been in love :
Yeah...always in love with
darling hubby :)
Used chopsticks:
Sang in the mirror to yourself:
Feeling artis...harus!!! hahaha!!!
currently i'm fall into 'Lucky' by Jason Mraz
today ~ CK in 2U for her
Musical Instrument:
sorry, i can't play any musical instruments
A Walk To Remember & 10 Things I Hate About U
Actor/Actress :
Aqasha /Fazura
Junk food :
The Ring..sgt cheesy :p
Teddy bear boleh???
Aku takut binatang...especially yang berbulu
*** lari ***
Ever cried over someone: Yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
more taller please!!!
Do you think you’re attractive:
of course...matilah perasan!!! hahaha!!!
You had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
tapi aku tak nak part dera2 tue...
aku nak naik kereta labu & pakai kasut kaca jer...
You play any sports:
guling2 ngan darling hubby
~ List (8) random facts about yourself ~
1. shopaholic
2. suka senyum & gelak
3. saya degil
4. perasan cantik...hahaha!!!
5. sgt suka baby...bila la nak ada baby sendiri :(
6. sgt suka kacau darling hubby
7. suka makan + tido...tido + makan...
matilah...mcm mana nak kurus nie???? hahaha!!!!
8. saya sgt cinta darling hubby...muahsss

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